Embodied Exercise for Five-Elements Harmony

A week-long series of 30-minute embodiment classes with enjoyable, intentional exercises that promote vitality and healing in specific body systems. Each will provide a full workout with cardio, strength, and mobility while deepening appreciation for the interconnection of matter and soul.

Each day this week, move through one 30-minute exercise class, listening and responding to your body’s wisdom. Let the messages of each element settle in afterward. Then move on to the next one. On day six, we flow through all five elements. On day seven, rest.

As you return and repeat over multiple weeks, notice how the imagery comes more naturally. Notice what words, body parts, colors, and songs flag your attention. Notice what comes up when you repeat this week in difference phases of your cycle, or different seasons of the year.

Essential Nature

I see the nature of God
In the qualities around and within me.
Water is like water
Water is like God
God’s exhale, God’s being
I am like water

What does the essential nature of water
tell me about the essential nature of God?
What does the essential nature of God
tell me about the essential nature of myself,
of my children,
of those easy to love,
and those hard to love

I experience God’s nature
In the wood that grows
rooting, sprouting
bending, swaying
wise and green.

In the fire that invigorates
pumping, beating,
crackling with vitality,
fertile and lively.

In the earth that composts
beneath and within me
speaking of constancy,
right here, right now.

In the metal that shimmers
strong yet moldable,
absorbing and eliminating

In the water that flows
downward, onward
purifying spirit and body,
part of the river.

I experience God in the symbols
of biology, anatomy, nature.
Nothing unintentional,
Everything a message.

As I move, I listen.
As I listen, I become
a better listener.

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