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Hello, Kin.  Grab a cup of tea and pick up where you left off.

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A Note from the Aunties

Your heart comes to this place with a need, a seeking, a longing.  What a gift it is to desire learning!  Remember when you felt apathetic and hopeless?  Darling, you now set your sights on higher things.  You desire wisdom; you enjoy learning; you savor each moment as it passes through you.  As you continue thumbing through these pages of instruction and guidance shared with love from our collective tomes, we see you seated in the circle among us, candle lit, tea steaming, pillow fluffed.  As you bring your expectant heart to this place in this season, we expect it to be nourished and enriched, bringing you ever closer to alignment with your most true, harmonious self. 

Stay a while.

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